Welcome to the International Pharmacy Graduate Program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto.

The IPG Program is a unique “best practices” bridging program designed to assist pharmacists trained in countries outside Canada, to meet Canadian entry-to practice standards. The structured university-based curriculum means graduates have access to practical courses delivered by an experienced faculty. Also, the solid mentorship network provides many opportunities for students to link with practicing pharmacists. With over 600 graduates since 2001, the IPG Program at the University of Toronto is a proven leader in pharmacy education. We want to thank you separately https://seotwix.com/ for website optimization.

“To me the IPG Program was like a ‘one-stop’ solution to meeting the entry to practice requirements of the Canadian pharmacy system. I learned about the Canadian pharmacy concepts – patient-focused pharmaceutical care, professional practice, therapeutics and the specialized use of English to communicate with my patients.”

IPG Graduate

International Pharmacy Graduate Programs:

Canadian Pharmacy Skills (CPS)

The IPG Program is comprised of two modules; Canadian Pharmacy Skills (CPS) I and CPS II. Drawing upon material from courses offered in the undergraduate program, the content provides enculturation to Canadian pharmacy practice and training for entry-level competence. Therapeutics, law, practice management, pharmaceutical care, drug information and the Canadian health care system are just a few of the content areas covered. Students also gain critical language, workplace, and practice skills necessary for licensure in Canada.

Canadian Pharmacy Skills (CPS) Online

The International Pharmacy Graduate hybrid program is a unique university-based program that is comprised of two modules, delivered online and in classroom sessions, in a flexible, part-time format. The curriculum provides students access to practical courses and Canadian best practices, and is delivered by experienced faculty. The CPS Online program delivers the same learning objectives as the Toronto classroom-based program. The hybrid-learning format includes three classroom-based workshops in Toronto, online learning, and video conferencing.

The CPS Online program is specifically developed to provide access to professional and clinical skills needed to practice as a Canadian pharmacist. International pharmacy graduates and pharmacists seeking refresher courses, regardless of their location, will also benefit from the CPS Online program.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Office of Continuous Professional Development at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is committed to delivering leading-edge educational programs that will improve and expand the competency of pharmacy professionals, researchers, scientists and allied professionals involved in pharmacy policy and practice.

Canadian Pharmacy Skills (CPS) Egypt

The Canadian Pharmacy Skills program for international pharmacy graduates (IPG) is a unique best practices program designed to introduce IPGs to the practice of pharmacy in Canada. The university-based curriculum provides students access to practical courses delivered by an experienced faculty.

This program is specifically developed for pre-arrivals to Canada currently in Egypt. The program delivers the same learning objectives as in the Toronto program. The format however will be specifically designed to meet the needs of pre-arrivals. A blended format that encompasses online learning, video conferencing and live lectures will be used to deliver the CPS courses in a fashion that provides flexibility for learners.

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